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Listen: Bongani finds Mags' old primary school love letters

Bongani put his investigation skills to the test and managed to come across some interesting letters from Mags' childhood. 

Bongani Mtolo
Derryn Schmidt Photography

With Valentine's Day just a few hours away, Bongani had the ultimate surprise lined up for Mags - and it had nothing to do with flowers or chocolates.

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In an effort to learn more about his co-host's childhood and love life, Bongani contacted Mags' mom to find out if she kept some of her old love letters from her childhood. Luckily for us, she stored them away safely. 

On Tuesday, he read some of them out on-air and Mags was taken by surprise. She thought that she stored them away in the back of her memory, only to find out that Bongani dug them up from the past.

This is hilarious! Take a listen below:

If you want an old love letter of yours read out on-air during the Valentine's Day edition of the show, all you need to do is take a picture of the letter and email it to [email protected]

Let's spread the love this Valentine's Day! 

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