Dolphin body slams surfer

Leaping dolphin body slams Australian surfer

Watch as this wave-jumping dolphin collides with a Gold Coast surfer in Australia. 

Dolphin body slams surfer
Screenshot/Channel Nine

A surfer in Australia got the shock of his life when a leaping dolphin landed on him earlier this week. 

Sam Yoon was paddling on his surfboard off Duranbah Beach when he had a close encounter with a pod of dolphins catching some waves of their own. 

One of the dolphins launches out of sea and into the air, before body slamming Yoon. 

"It appeared right in my face ... I just couldn't believe what happened," he told channel Nine's "Today" show. 

Yoon said he knew the dolphins were doing jumps near him. When they got too close to him, he decided to stop paddling and waited - expecting them to make another jump.

But he didn't expect one of them to body slam him! 

The dolphin appeared to avoid the crash by trying to change direction midair, but noticed Yoon too late.

"I knew that he realized he's got to do something too, and I was like no way I can get away from this... He landed on my head, shoulder and back "  he told Nine news.

Both escaped the encounter unharmed, and Yoon has nothing but love for the dolphins. 

"I was singing to them for like the whole surf, beautiful," Yoon added. 

Watch the incredible video below. 

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