Global Festival: Mandela 100 concert left plenty traumatised
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Global Festival: Mandela 100 concert left plenty traumatised

East Coast Drive spoke to Global Citizen Festival concert goers about their traumatic experience as they were leaving the show.

global citizen / instagram
global citizen / instagram

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There are mixed reviews from the Global Citizen Festival concert that took place last night at FNB stadium in Johannesburg. Obviously, crowds were excited and thrilled at the opportunity to see Beyonce live, but the other side of the coin that fans felt concert organisers completely left out, was their security and safety. 

Gautrain was in shambles and Uber surges were way too expensive for the ordinary individual.

Many were left fighting for their lives, too...

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Bongani spoke to a few concert goers from the weekend. Do you also have an unfortunate horror story to share from Global Citizen?

Main image courtesy of Global Citizen instagram

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