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G-Dog: "My wife won't let me hear the end of this!"

When have you promised to fix something or do a job but ended up making it worse?

diy / pexels
diy / pexels

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G-Dog shares a story about buying a bed frame at a furniture shop in Springfield. 

He bought a self-assemble bed frame that comes in boxes. The furniture shop does offer to assemble products bought in store for R200, but G-Dog insisted he could do it himself - despite his wife telling him to just pay the extra R200.

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Long story short, he spent the whole weekend trying to assemble the bed frame and now has to wait until Wednesday for availability for someone from to the shop to come and assemble it for him... for R200. 

Nandi, G-Dog's wife, has said "Told you so!" all weekend. 

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Men; when have you promised to fix something, but ended up making it worse? When have you tried to fix something yourself instead of calling a professional, and end up ruining things. Be honest and comment below.

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