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Figure skating routine deemed 'too sexy' for Winter Olympics

Some have said that this routine is too risqué and provocative. What do you think?

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The Winter Olympics are well underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea and it runs until the 25th of February.

If you've been following it, you probably would have seen a lot of nail-biting action from contenders from around the world. However, two Canadian figure skaters are making headlines over their 'steamy' routine. 

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According to UNILAD, the pair have decided to dial things down as they were told by many that their routine was a bit too edgy and heated for the audience and the judges alike. 

Their move in question, which was considered risqué, was a neck straddle. It saw the female skater wrapping her legs around the guy's shoulders and grabbing the back of his head. 

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It looks like a scene out of 'Dirty Dancing', but to be considered provocative? Surely that's taking it a step too far?

After watching the video, do you think that the routine was too much for the Olympics or are people overreacting? Share your comments below:

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