#ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker: Incorrect guesses from last week!

#ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker: Incorrect guesses from last week!

We still have R25,000 up for grabs for the #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker for one lucky listener to win!

Secret Sound Heat Seeker
East Coast Radio

Listen to the podcast or read below:

It has only been a week since the new sound for #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker was released.

Read: #ECRSecretSound is back and we have a new sound for you!

Some of our listeners have come pretty close to guessing the correct answer, but no one has got it right yet. That means the R25,000 is still waiting to be taken home by one lucky person.

If you think you are the lucky winner this time around, make sure you listen to all the incorrect guesses and enter accordingly. 

Listen to all the podcasts to hear all the incorrect guesses. 

DISCLAIMER: The Secret Sound Heat Seeker amounts will be determined solely at the discretion of the executive producer. The Heat Seeker amounts will be determined by criteria decided upon by the executive producer, and as such, will be subjective. The Heat Seeker amounts should be used only as a guide. The Heat Seeker amounts for each guess will not be explained nor discussed at any time during or after each Secret Sound.

How to enter Secret Sound

All you need to do is SMS the word 'Secret', 'Your Name', and 'Your Guess' to 33116 at the cost of R1,50. T's & C's apply.

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