East Coast Drive's Top three most listened to podcasts of 2018
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East Coast Drive's Top three most listened to podcasts of 2018

The juiciest, hottest podcast moments for East Coast Drive of 2018 have been put together for your listening pleasure.

listener / pexels
listener / pexels

3. Bongani interviewed DJ Zinhle as she talks about forgiving 'Beyonce'

Bongani and Mags were joined by the gorgeous, multi-talented DJ Zinhle earlier this year. She shared the journey of writing her new book. During the interview, she spoke about her daughter Kairo and shared her thoughts on what AKA had to say about her during his previous interview with Bongani that went viral.

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2. The reveal of KZN's dirtiest little secret is something that always gets us excited

Twelve lucky East Coast Drive listeners won the chance to join the team in studio and guess the Secret Sound live, what an experience! Not forgetting a KZN listener who came into studio to get a tattoo of the East Coast Radio logo for five guesses at the #SecretSound!

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1. Uncovered 'leaked audio' from Zuma's farewell dinner

Who can forget in February when President Cyril Ramaphosa held a private dinner to bid farewell to his predecessor, Jacob Zuma, after stepping down as President. 

After failing to RSVP for SONA, most South Africans weren't sure if Zuma would attend the dinner. Thankfully, he made an appearance and East Coast Drive had the exclusive on how the dinner date went.

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