East Coast Drive’s top podcasts for the week

East Coast Drive’s top podcasts for the week

East Coast Drive with Bongani and Mags has put all the best bits of the show into one place for you. 

podcasts / pexels
podcasts / pexels

Listen to the Top podcasts of the week, or read the details under the podcasts.

Bongani and Mags have had some great moments on air this week and would like to make life easy for you.

So, they have taken all the best bits and put them into one place for your listening pleasure.

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East Coast Drive had some interesting debates with you over the week, including whether or not a husband should continue supporting his brother, if society is too harsh on criminals who have served their time, and even if G-Dog should buy stolen hubcaps or not.

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Bongani and Mags also received an unsettling voice note from Zimbabwe and spoke to Nomuzi about her car crash controversy.

All these moments and more are right here for you to listen to again and share with your friends.

Thank you for taking part in our discussions!

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