East Coast Drive asks KZN: "Why are you single?"

East Coast Drive asks KZN: "Why are you single?"

Not everyone is a relationship person, as some people just love their own space. On the flip side, some people love companionship and cannot live without it. Where do you fall in this situation or are you just unlucky in love?

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On Monday, East Coast Drive asked KZN about something personal - their relationship status. 

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They asked KZN why they are single - and KZN had a lot to say about the question.  

"I'm single coz I'm weird. I'm loud. I'm too romantic. To simple. I choose to be single coz somehow partners will have more than one girlfriend. I'm not sharing," a listener said on Facebook.

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say about why they are single. 

Read what KZN has to say about being single:

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