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Do you hide away or is small talk your thing?

You see someone you haven't seen since high school at the mall, but they don't see you. Do you approach them and say "hello", or do you just hide away?

hide away / pexels
hide away / pexels

G-dog shares a story of how he saw someone at the shopping centre he hadn't seen since high school, and he decided to rather not approach them. Why? Well, he insists it was just easier than having to engage in small talk.

"If we were never actually close, it's so uncomfortable for me to put myself through the unbearable small talk routine, rather we nod in acknowledgment and keep it moving," says G-dog.

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Be honest, what kind of person are you? Do you avoid people as it's easier, or go straight into the inevitable small talk conversation?

Main image courtesy of Nick Demou

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