Do you have a favourite child?

Do you have a favourite child?

As a parent, is it normal to favour one child over another? 

family / pexels
family / pexels

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Bongani shared how he's realised he prefers his one son over the other son, and he's not sure how to explain why. 

At times he finds himself hoping the one he 'loves more' does better at school and in everything else he does. 

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And should push ever come to shove, he realises that if he had to choose one over the other to rescue, he knows which one it would be. Bongani is now worried that it might start becoming obvious to his kids.

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"I think it's only natural that parents have a favourite child, I know this coming form a family of five children," says G-Dog. "I will do my best to never have a favourite when I have my own children, but I know I'll probably love who I have more in common with."

Do you have a favourite amongst your children? Do you think they are aware of it?

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