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Dilapidated work environment forces employees to wear helmets

Health and safety in the workplace is imperative. Not in this case, though...

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ABP NEWS / YouTube

Most bike riders wear helmets to protect their heads from any injuries in the event of an accident. Parents also ensure that their children wear helmets when riding their bikes, skateboards, or roller-skates.

The video below will shock you, because at first glance you might think it's a biker's meeting and all these bikers are too lazy to take their helmets off? Well, think again...     

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The footage shows government employees from India who have to wear helmets to work, not as a new fashion statement, but because it's a life or death situation. This is insane! 

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Most people who work for the government are glorified and held in high esteem, but there is nothing glamorous about this dilapidated government office, which has all its staff rocking up to work with helmets as a safety measure.

According to the Indian Express, this government office is situated in the East Champarah district of Bihar.

This building could literally fall on their heads and bury all these employees, at any given moment, and the helmets won't be able to save them.

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