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Cyclist films his perfect revenge on a driver who 'bumped' him

Drivers, this is one cyclist that you certainly don't want to mess with!

cyclist revenge

Time and time again we've seen videos of cyclists getting the raw end of the deal when on the road. Motorists simply can't accept that cyclists have a right to be on the roads. 

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Daily Mail has shared hilarious footage of one cyclist getting his perfect revenge on a driver that knocked him off his bike. The cyclist, 48-year-old Ken Lofts, decided to get his revenge after the caravan-towing driver knocked him off his bike while he was at a set of robots. 

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In a moment of sheer playfulness, Ken decided to have a bit of fun with the situation by pulling up the caravan's handbrake so that they driver couldn't take off.

Standing from a distance, Ken recorded the footage of the driver trying to take off and even getting people to assist him to help sort his 'braking' issue out.

Ken said that he decided to play the prank after he saw no remorse from the driver who bumped him off his bike. Either way, this is one cyclist you don't want to get on the bad side of.  

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