xxx wins the massive R50,000 on #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker!

Clarance wins the massive R50,000 on #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker!

It's been a few weeks with the brand new Secret Sound Heat Seeker and we have a winner of the R50,000 already! It was a tough one, but clearly KZN is getting better at guessing.

Secret Sound Heat Seeker winner
Rory Petzer

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On Wednesday, Clarance got lucky and won the #ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker worth R50,000! 

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The new year had just begun and we had given KZN a new sound. However, we thought it would have taken some time because it was pretty tricky.

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Congratulations to Clarance on the win. 

The ECRSecretSound Heat Seeker of secret guess:

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DISCLAIMER: The Secret Sound Heat Seeker amounts will be determined solely at the discretion of the executive producer. The Heat Seeker amounts will be determined by criteria decided upon by the executive producer, and as such, will be subjective. The Heat Seeker amounts should be used only as a guide. The Heat Seeker amounts for each guess will not be explained nor discussed at any time during or after each Secret Sound.

How to enter Secret Sound

All you need to do is SMS the word 'Secret', 'Your Name', and 'Your Guess' to 33116 at the cost of R1,50. T's & C's apply.

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