Can you spot the leopard in this tree?
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Can you spot the leopard in this tree?

Are your eyes sharp enough to spot a perfectly camouflaged leopard?

leopard tree

Yes, it's Monday - and we all know how you feel about this day of the week!

So we've found the perfect challenge to sharpen your brain and get you ready for the week ahead. Can you find the predator perfectly camouflaged in the tree as it makes its way towards its meal?

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According to the Mirror, the leopard was photographed by German wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach

Social media is in a frenzy trying to single out the leopard from the bark of the tree. At fist glance, the tree appears to have a darker bark? 

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Where is the leopard, though?

Did you manage to spot the leopard in the tree? Don't spoil the fun for everyone. When you see it, comment with 'found it'.

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