Brave people rescue passengers trapped in burning cars
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Brave people rescue passengers trapped in burning cars

Whoever said that superheroes only exist in movies and comic books were clearly mistaken, because the video below proves otherwise.

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In most cases, after witnessing an accident on the road, the first thing you do is reach for your phone and call for help, right?

This was not the case here.

According to Daily Mail, good Samaritan drivers did not call for help when two cars collided. They became the help by rushing to rescue the victims who were trapped in their burning cars. 

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The video below shows footage of the aftermath of the accident which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The footage shows one of the brave onlookers kicking the window in after struggling to get the door to open. We also see a minor explosion during the rescue attempt, but that did not stop these brave people from their rescue mission.  

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The quick thinking of the other road users resulted in four lives being saved. This is truly remarkable! 

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