Bongani: 'Should we reward mediocrity in our children?'

Bongani: 'Should we reward mediocrity in our children?'

Bongani found it strange how all the kids at his son's prize giving today received a prize. 

prize giving / pexels
prize giving / pexels

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Bongani was at his son's prize giving this afternoon, and all the children - including his son, got prizes for something.

It's as if they're just giving some children a prize because they don't want them to feel left out?

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Bongani firmly believes the world isn't as soft and fair as how the prize giving is to the children. Should these kids not be taught reality early in life? 

Bongani feels schools need to teach children from an early age that the world is not a place where everyone is rewarded for mediocrity. 

Would you rather have all the kids get prizes, or do you believe kids should be taught early that only a few people succeed in life and it takes hard work?

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