Bongani says women should not propose to their men
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Bongani says women should not propose to their men

On Friday, East Coast Drive wanted to know if it okay for a woman to propose to man? 

proposal / pexels
proposal / pexels

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Mags shared a story on how a mutual friend of hers had his girlfriend propose to him. She was excited and still had mixed feelings on the whole thing.

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A public declaration of love is a beautiful thing, but it can get very awkward for some when the declaration is considered a role reversal; the woman proposing to the man. 

It's 2018, and we think it's about time we reviewed how things are done when it comes to romance, don't you think? 

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Bongani thinks it's definitely not about time. He would never tolerate a woman doing that to him. G-Dog acknowledges it's a very sexist concept, but still isn't comfortable with the idea.

What are your thoughts on women proposing to men? Share with us below. 

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