A blast from the past: To meet up again or not?

A blast from the past: To meet up again or not?

An old school friend hits you up, out of the blue... are you really expected to meet up and see each other?

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Mags shares how she bumped into an old high school buddy at the petrol station a few months ago, and you know how you feel obliged to swap numbers and lie to each other by saying that you'll meet up for coffee or lunch. 

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Well, weeks later, the friend made numerous attempts to reach out and set a lunch date, but with how busy and hectic Mags' schedule is, a get-together just doesn't happen.

Since then, she's received harshly-worded messages from this old friend, who's now feeling too entitled to Mags' time and life.

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Would you agree to meet up and have it be potentially awkward or would you rather make an excuse?

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