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Man almost crushed to death at tuck-shop!

A tuck-shop stop almost turned fatal as a car crashed into the shop and missed a man by inches.

ViralHog / YouTube carmiss
ViralHog / YouTube

We have seen many accidents on the internet, but this one will leave you believing that when it's not your time, it's not your time. 

CCTV cameras captured a man narrowly missing the impact of a runaway vehicle while he was purchasing something from his local tuck-shop. 

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The footage shows the car coming from across the street, with no signs of braking. The car crashed into another car before it flew into the tuck-shop. What a close call! 

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This unidentified man is seen moving swiftly away from what could have been his death. 

There is no doubt that this man will never buy from that shop again!

Warning: This footage may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

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