A look back at 2018's #SecretSound winners

A look back at 2018's #SecretSound winners

Secret Sound could have made you R25,000 richer in 2018. Here are our two winners.

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Bongani and Mags have revealed dozens of #SecretSound clues during 2018, and East Coast Drive has had an amazing year, giving KZN multiple chances at secret sound guesses.

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One lucky winner, Penny, guessed correctly, and had the opportunity to do so in studio and went home with R25,000!

Listen to the winning moment below:

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We've even had a contestant agree to tattooing the East Coast Radio logo on herself for a crack at the R25,000 secret sound guess.

Listen to the Secret Sound tattoo episode below.

It's been an amazing year for the Secret Sound on East Coast Drive.

Do you want #SecretSound to make a return in 2019? Let us know below.

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