WATCH: Elon Musk's viral 'lookalike' has been suspended in China's social media

WATCH: Elon Musk's 'lookalike' has been suspended on Chinese social media

Elon's viral sensation lookalike gets banned from China's version of TikTok 

Elon Musk Chinese doppelgänger
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That is what happened to Elon Musk's Chinese doppelgänger, Yilong Ma. 

The lookalike has been suspended from the Chinese versions of TikTok and Instagram.

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@mayilong0 This is a free bird. I like him and I'm going to go to him right now. Because Elon Musk is my brother#elonmusk #tesla #twitter ♬ dance(256762) - TimTaj

According to reports from Insider, his account on Instagram and TikTok have been deactivated due to the violation of their policies. 

He now only has an active international TikTok account that works, under the username, Elong Musk. Ma has just over 239,000 followers on the platform, with around 3.9 million likes on his video. 

His first video on Douyin (chinese version of TikTok) was back in November 2020.

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