Singing Uber driver Menzi Mngoma releases his first song!

Singing Uber driver Menzi Mngoma releases his first song!

After weeks of planning and many studio sessions, Menzi Mngoma has finally released his debut single titled, 'Feel the Love'.

feel the love

The Uber driver joined forces with Hendrik Joerges, a Durban-based music producer, to release the highly-anticipated single. Menzi Mngoma gained popularity when a video of him singing for one of his Uber passengers went viral. 

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The video, which was recorded by Johannesburg-based businesswoman Kim Davey during a visit to Durban, amassed more than 500k views on Facebook within a week. During this period, Mngoma became internet famous and racked up multiple TV and radio interviews across the country.

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East Coast Breakfast decided to assist Mngoma in promoting his extraordinary talents and connected him with Joerges, the same producer who created 'East Coast Breakfast Sunnyside Up'. Stuart Berry then hooked him up with his first gig, as the opening act for MiCasa at Old Mutual Music at the Lake.

This morning, not only did East Coasters hear his song for the first time, but we reunited him with Kim Davey, who is now trying to get him into iPOP! in LA. 

Without further adieu, here's a snippet of Mngoma's debut song:

We also listened to it live in studio:

Here was his experience at COPA, where he recorded his debut song: 

Here's how you can help send Menzi to Hollywood:

You can download the song via these links: Spotify and Apple Music.

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