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East Coast Breakfast brings KZN a water #LivingWell

It's National Water Week and East Coast Breakfast is keeping KZN hydrated with a living well dedicated to supplying you with water...for free!


LISTEN: We chat to Joel Burger from Super Water & Fabio from SBS tanks - the two gentlemen that made East Coast Breakfast's #LivingWell initiative come to life.

Exactly a year ago, the East Coast Breakfast team together with The Gift of the Givers launched the #WaterShare project - an initiative that transported donated water to areas that were severely affected by droughts all across KZN.

Sadly, once again KZN is experiencing another drought, with the water level at the Umgeni Water Treatment Plant currently at 58.38%, resulting in many water cuts and restrictions.

It's National Water Week and East Coast Breakfast teamed up with SBS Tanks and Super Water to bring you the first ever living water well by a radio station. 

Because of the on-going water shortages in KZN, Breakfast invites people who need water to come and collect from East Coast Radio House, Umhlanga.

The large water-from-air machine that produces 1500 liters of water from Super Water and SBS Tanks is storing the water, waiting for you to come and collect.

Come through with water bottles, buckets and containers to share with your friend, family, neighbours and schools that need water #LivingWell.

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