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Watch this woman's hilarious life hack on how to fold a fitted sheet

A woman has left social media in stitches after a video of her made the rounds showing how she goes about folding an item that most of us dread.

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If you’re like me, putting a duvet inner into a duvet cover is my worst.

No matter how much I hold onto each corner and feed it in until I think it’s going to fit correctly, the duvet somehow gets twisted inside, and it’s just a complete mess. 

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Then they have to make fitted sheets with sewn up corners that are impossible to fold. I have tried every method to try and get it to work, but sadly I have failed miserably. But could this be the solution to my fitted sheet nightmares?

One woman, Terri Estep Metz, made a video and has made it simple for people like me to fold fitted sheets. The video, which was then uploaded to UNILAD's Facebook page, has already received over 5.7-million views, with many praising her for her humourous attempt. 

It's a real 'dummies guide' to folding your fitted sheets.

I attempted this woman's life hack and let's say that it didn't go quite as expected. 

Watch below:

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