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Men vs women: Who's the better driver?

In the battle of the sexes, Damon wants to know who you think the better driver is?

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Every day during my show, I pose a question to YOU and we have a bit of a debate about it. On Thursday, I chatted about something that most of us do, but for ages, it's been a debate between the sexes - and that's driving. I wanted to know: who is better at driving - men or women?

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It seems that women drivers are unquestionably involved in fewer accidents than men are, as insurers even offer women lower premiums on certain plans. 

I came across this hilarious video showing one driver who is just failing miserably while attempting to drive. When you watch this particular video, it actually makes no difference who's driving because you'll be left so frustrated.

All this person has to do is back up all the way into the parking space left of the yellow jeep and he (or she) would be sorted, then turn the wheel left and pull away, but instead takes a 27-point turn to get out. Haha! 

I'm not going to be 'that guy' who assumes what gender the driver is so I'll just leave that one up to you to decide.

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I'd love to know from you - who do you think is better behind the wheel?

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