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East London driver crashes into car dealership

This 'notorious' East London intersection has been the scene of yet another car accident and, amazingly, the passengers were able to crawl out.

Car accident

Isn't it amazing how some roads seem to be accidents just waiting to happen?

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There's a corner in East London that's seen its fair share of accidents in recent months.

From a driver suffering a stroke while driving, a pedestrian narrowly escaping being hit, to a driver flying through the crossing and ploughing through a car dealership. 

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According to News 24, the vehicle caused damage amounting to between R300,000 and R400,000, as the car crashed into the dealership and straight into a bunch of parked cars.

Allegedly there was alcohol involved in this incident and it has been confirmed that none of the occupants were seriously injured.

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There was also another accident where the occupants of a silver Volkswagen can be seen climbing out the vehicle shortly after it flies through an intersection and comes to a standstill.

Considering that this is an intersection with traffic lights, one would think that it would not have this many accidents taking place?

According to the AA, 2016 saw 14,071 people die on South Africa’s roads, up 9% from 2015. Let's avoid the same trend during the festive season. I urge you to please obey the rules of the road and be safe at all times. 

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