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Don't we all dream of winning millions in the lotto?

A girl in the UK, who was 17 when she won a million Pounds, says that she wishes she'd never bought that winning ticket.

teenage lottery winner
Don't we all dream of winning the lottery and the ton of cash that comes with it?

I think the most I've ever won was R32.50 and even then, I was so excited, it was like I'd hit the jackpot!

It seems it's not like that for everyone, though?

This 17-year-old millionaire says she's been burdened by the stress of being a millionaire and it feels like the lottery has ruined her life.

What did she spend her millions on?

Breast implants, two properties, and a Chihuahua, but despite that, she's still trying to find a purpose in life.

What's your take?

Would you rather risk having no purpose in life and winning the lotto - or be as you are?

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