Can you eat an ice cream after a dog has licked it?
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Can you eat an ice cream after a dog has licked it?

A video of a woman has divided the internet after she was seen sharing her ice cream with man's best friend. But is there an issue here or not?

Dog owner eats ice cream youtube

You have a plate of leftover food, and it’s just too much hassle to get up and scrape the leftovers into the bin, so the simple solution is to put the plate down on the floor and let your dog clean it off for you, right? After all, the way Rover licks that dish makes it look like it just came straight out of the dishwasher. 

Isn't the old saying true that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans? So letting the dog lick the dishes - is it acceptable or just downright disgusting?

One woman has the internet in complete meltdown mode after she let her dog take a lick of her ice cream. The footage was uploaded to Instagram account @browncardigan and was captioned: "First date with a chick and she does this with her dog, wdyd?"

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Comments on the video varied. Some said that nothing was wrong, while others were horrified by what they had seen. One friend of mine who allows her dogs and cats to eat off her plates, says that the dishwasher gets the dishes clean enough after they’ve eaten from them - so what’s the big deal?

Well, I scoured the internet to see if dogs, cats or humans have the most bacteria in their mouths, and I found research where they collected saliva samples from 10 dogs, cats, and humans and grew the bacteria from each. The results showed that dogs had an average of 53 bacteria colonies, cats averaged 16, and humans had only 5. Interesting. I've also heard a myth that dogs who lick your wounds help to keep infection away. 

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Watch the video below: 

Would you ever let your pet eat off your plate? 

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