#TheHotTake: I'm a woman and I'm sick of having female friends
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#TheHotTake: I'm a woman and I'm sick of having female friends

We got an email from a listener in Maritzburg who says she is done being friends with other women.

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Two female friends sitting on sofa and arguing / iStock

Hi Thandolwethu

I'm a 26-year-old woman and I work as a sales assistant for a mill in Maritzburg.

2018 was a very difficult year for me and I took stock of my priorities and where things had been going wrong and I realised for as long as I've been alive most of the bad things in my life have been connected with my female friends.

As a resolution for 2019 I've decided to cut out all my female friends and instead spend time nurturing the friendships I have with guys.

I find that guys are more easy going, they are not judgemental and they always give practical advice.

Most of the friendships I have been in with women have at some point turned toxic. Women have judged me for my looks and I've been backstabbed and gossiped on so many times I can't even count. And the more I talk to other women they also have similar experiences. I used to think that this was the trade-off for having a clique of friends but honestly it’s no longer worth it to me.

Women do not extend themselves for other women and they spend so much time complaining. I have extended myself so many times and not gotten the same treatment back.

I have found that my inner peace has increased since I've cut them out if my life and I honestly don't see myself having the time or patience to be friends with another woman in the future. I strongly recommend that other woman do the same and keep things moving.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Do other women think it's better to be friends with guys. 

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