How to defend yourself against an attacker

How to defend yourself against an attacker

One organisation in KZN is helping women empower and defend themselves against violence. 

Fight like a girl
Supplied by Fight like a girl

 Fight Like A Girl is run by Christine Eriksen & Ann du Plessis, who between them have over 14 years of martial arts experience.

Their mission is simple, to EDUCATE and EMPOWER women to prevent them from becoming a victim of violence.

 They do training on simple habits to change that will prevent you from being an easy target and will EMPOWER you with basic, easy to remember, effective techniques should you ever need them.

 Listen as Ann gives some practical tips for how you can defend yourself as well as talk about some of the work that they do.

You can contact Fight like a girl on Email: [email protected]

Tel: 031 940 1883

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