Would you consider this R9m SUV, said to be the safest family vehicle?

Would you consider this R9m SUV, said to be the safest family vehicle?

A harsh reminder of the dangers of society...

Pregnant woman standing next to armoured SUV
Pregnant woman standing next to armoured SUV/TikTok Screenshot/@mobile_mama

It's not often that we have the time to wonder about the safety of our vehicles. 

But we think that we do our best to ensure our kids are safe and sound when we are transporting them. 

The Mobile Mama has knocked us over with one of her recent reviews. The momfluencer, who is heavily pregnant at the moment, reviews cars on her social media. 

"The Rezvani Vengeance, a street-legal luxury military vehicle, features electrified door handles, explosive underbody shielding, and can pepper-spray anyone who gets too close. The armoured SUV, with optional blinding headlights and steel ram bumper for off-roading or collisions, ranges from $285,000 to $499,000 (about R5 million and R9 million)." (Business Insider)

And there's more...

The vehicle is available in complete bulletproofing, but the standard base model comes with "pedestrian detection and a heads-up display in lieu of a rearview mirror".

"Optional night vision, a smoke screen, and rifle compartment are available for an extra charge." (Business Insider)

Almost makes us feel like we should be prepared for anything with this vehicle...

It is daunting to think though that car manufacturers are making armoured vehicles such as the Vengeance for the public. 

Mainly because it opens up the line of thinking that these are necessary, not to mention the fear-based thinking that will arise from this sort of marketing. 

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WATCH Mobile Mama's review on the R9-million vehicle on TikTok

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