Training for KZN Iron Man turns into a real-life rescue for two women

Training for KZN Iron Man turns into a real-life rescue for two women

How wonderfully coordinated the universe is...

Woman swimming professionally in sea water
Woman swimming professionally in sea water/Pexels Website

Ever heard the saying, everything happens for a reason? Well, this is one of those types of stories that definitely feeds true to that saying.

Although the esteemed triathlon, Iron Man, has been postponed in KZN, it seems that these two women were called into saving a life during their dedicated training. 

The Iron Man is a prestigious triathlon race that hosts athletes from all walks of life. This year the race was postponed to 2 October and has many of the participants staying true to their stringent training. 

"Michael Markinova, the NSRI Kleinmond training officer, shared that two women swimming at Pringle Bay were able to offer assistance to a man in distress while emergency services were on the way." (GoodThingsGuy)

A man who had been paddling on his kayak around the same area where the two trainees were swimming, had capsied and appeared to be unable to get back on. 

His wife noticed this and had sounded the rescue alarm. The NSRI rescue team made their way to the man, and when they arrived they found two women aiding him out of distress. 

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"As it turned out, the man on the Kayak was working as a training support and the women, in turn, became his support." (GoodThingsGuy)

Everyone reached the shore safely. And it really made us think about the belief that everything is written out for us. We are all just part of a bigger purpose in life. These women and this man were certainly meant to be in the same space.

Here's to appreciating people being in the right place at the right time...

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