Sinethemba Masinga: A passionate 23-year-old female farmer

Sinethemba Masinga: A passionate 23-year-old female farmer

Women are slowly rising up to their purposes and smashing through the gender stereotypes that have limited us for so long...

Young woman with braids standing on a farm
Young woman with braids standing on a farm/Twitter/@Agric_young

You don't usually associate the term farming with a 23-year-old female, but we live in a world of ever-changing females who are breaking stereotypes every day. 

One such female is Sinethemba Masinga. She is a 23-year-old black female farmer who is passionate about creating social change in her community. 

As the CEO of a family business, Sinesthembiso Produce (Pty) LTD that she took over during the pandemic, she has made it her mission to inspire women of colour to become farmers and entrepreneurs.

Although she pursued a BSc in LES, majoring in biochemistry and microbiology, she fell in love with farming during her teenage years. 

"Growing up in a disadvantaged but hardworking village, she was exposed to farming at a young age. Her love for farming only grew stronger over time, and she began working with the youth and school-aged children to create community gardens." (Supplied)

This project brought people in the community together and helped to fight hunger and poverty.

Inspired yet? Not only has Sinethemba managed to set her sights on tackling social change, she has also managed to address a reality for most people in South Africa - poverty. 

She has opened a community garden as well as a school garden, which supports children. Her drive and passion is definitely something that motivates others to take action. 

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The fact that she funded her way through all her projects is a mighty accomplishment and speaks well of her passion. 

"She hopes to continue building generational projects that will create a positive impact on her community and inspire others to do the same." (Supplied)

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