A ring that allows you to find singles around you

A ring that allows you to find singles around you

Millions of singles are set to join what is being referred to as the World's biggest social experiment. 

A woman wearing a blue green ring
A woman wearing a blue green ring/Instagram Screenshot/@pubity

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Would you wear the pear ring if you’re single and you want to make it known to show you are approachable? I think they should be different colours to donate your sexual preference… what do you think?

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No doubt that dating in this age can be considered as more daunting. With the range of ways to meet people, comes a range of ways of being duped. 

Somehow, it feels worse when you are duped over technology, because you feel like it has a footprint. 

You know, there is this online record that is always going to be accessible that you were rejected or scammed or catfished. 

So, coming back to the old school way of dating is pretty much what many people would like to settle for. 

But what happens when you meet someone and get all the feels, only to find out that the person is taken?

That is certainly not ideal. Enter, the Pear Ring. A ring that can be worn by singletons as an indicator of their single status. 

In essence it is the opposite of what an engagement ring serves as. 

Considered the world's biggest social experiment, single people will be given the opportunity to "wear small, blue-light ring that makes it easy to see who is single around you." (Glamour)

The aim of the ring is to eliminate that awkward moment of finding out someone you're chatting to is actually taken. 

"The product is marketed through their Instagram page, @biggestsocialexperiment and their mission is to stop the use of dating apps and encourage people to step out and meet new people in real life." (Glamour)

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Pear is on a mission to sell rings to every single person on the planet so they can essentially promote their single status. 

In a way almost breaking the taboo around being single. 

As much as we love the concept, we hope that there isn't some spicy person who is in a relationship who tries this out and literally ruins it for everyone. 

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