Non-verbal autistic child speaks to his mother for the first time

Non-verbal autistic child speaks to his mother for the first time

Giving some time to appreciate what the parents of autistic kids do for their children. 

A mother speaks to her son
A mother speaks to her son/Twitter/X Screenshot/@TansuYegen

As a parent, you only truly realise your resilience when you are placed in a circumstance or circumstances that require more of you. 

It's almost as if you have to find that warrior within you that has all these superpowers you never knew you had. 

And the irony is you don't realise you have those superpowers in you until you are required to use them. 

This is what parents do. And parents to Autistic kids, they are what we would like to call superhuman. 

Even though autism is so much more prevalent nowadays, there are still people out there who are ignorant of what it entails. 

And when we see parents who power through it all, it really does make us feel so proud of them and also grateful for our parental journey. 

Now dealing with autism is one thing, but there is something called 'non-verbal autism'. 

"Nonverbal autism isn't an actual diagnosis. It's a term used for a subgroup of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who never learn to speak more than a few words." (Very Well Health)

Although it isn't something that has been diagnosed, being a parent to a child who is non-verbal can be really challenging. 

In general, being a parent to a child who hasn't started talking is challenging, but when it is an autistic child who is also unable or not ready to speak, it can be even more challenging. 

One video that showed us anything is possible in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) shows a young boy speak to his mother for the first time. 

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Before you watch the video, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that whether or not your child is autistic, it is important to educate your kids about ASD

Because the more aware we all are, the better we can behave around autistic kids and people. We can also eliminate that sense of ignorance that reigns through humanity. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Twitter/X

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