Nick Cannon shares his last moments with his youngest born, Zen

Nick Cannon shares his last moments with his youngest born, Zen

"A life need not be long lived for it to have been meaningful."

Nick Cannon shares his last moments with his youngest born, Zen...
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In life there are many people who will say that there is only one certainty in life, and that is death. As much as that may be true, there are so many other certainties in life, and the ones that we fail to acknowledge sometimes is the love that exists between a parent and child. 

That kind of love transcends everything, and if you really choose to embrace this love no matter the outside circumstances, it can be the driving force to your whole being. Children have a special kind of place in melting our hearts, and that is what life is all about. 

It's about the lessons they teach us, because as much as they may be small in size, youthful and playful, they have all the wisdom that we need in life. If we take the time to listen, we can really be schooled by these angelic beings that we call our kids. 

Nick Cannon shared a video on his Instagram page on Tuesday and the video left many people in tears. As he tried to compose himself and share the story about his youngest son, Zen Scott Cannon, we quickly realise that this was not a happy ending kind of story.

After noticing that his little boy made a funny noise when breathing, they decided to go to the doctor to check it out and it turned into something they were not expecting. It was revealed that he had malignant tumor in his head, as well as fluid build up. 

From there things progressed with the tumor growing and his time here being uncertain. Nick shares the full story with his audience and we can admit that hearing any story where a parent loses their child, leaves us all heartbroken. 

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You can watch the message he shares below, courtesy of Instagram.

We love that he used his personal experience to help other parents who have gone through similar experiences and to seek out professional help for them as a collective. 

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