Mam, you have something in your nose! The nose hair extension trend

Mam, you have something in your nose! The nose hair extension trend

Usually, we see people trimming their nose hairs, not extending them...

A woman using mascara stick to push in her nose hair extensions
A woman using mascara stick to push in her nose hair extensions/Instagram Screenshot/@downunderwaxingandlaser

We are less than pleased to say that we even came across this re-emerging 'beauty' trend that started back in 2017. 

In fact, if it wasn't to keep you all informed, we would've happily passed the awkward-looking pics that have been featured on social media. 

Nose hair extensions. Sounds as arb as it looks, believe us when we tell you that. 

Bizarre beauty trends have always been something of a talking point, but this doesn't quite fit into a beauty trend as opposed to a body positivity trend, in our opinion. 

According to the beauty hacks TikTok page, this was some sort of beauty prank, but we're not quite sure.

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@beautyhacks Eyelash prank ✨ #prank #beautyprank #eyelashes #beautyhacks ♬ Heartbreak Hotel by Abigail Barlow - Abigail Barlow

"Believe it or not, but one Instagram user @gret_chen_chen’ shared a photo of herself with hair glued around her nostrils. As it appears, the whacky transformation was accomplished with a false eyelash that was stuck around the edge!" (Indian Express)

It is safe to say that many people were left confused by this supposed 'beauty trend', with many people unable to understand how this was even something worthy of a beauty trend. 

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Traditionally, people have paid good money to remove their nose hairs and what's worse for us is that it looks like there is a creature in their noses. 

We can firmly say that Carol Ofori, with her abundant experience in beauty and trends, would never find this trendy. Ah, the things people will do to go viral!

Let's not ignore the other elephant in the room; how would you even breathe properly with these nose hair extensions? Nope, an epic fail in our books. 

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