Loyiso Gola tells Carol Ofori: "You have to be yourself"

Loyiso Gola tells Carol Ofori: "You have to be yourself"

Ahead of her comedy debut with Rory Petzer, Carol Ofori sought advice from the man who encouraged her to go into comedy, Loyiso Gola.

Loyiso Gola standing alone on stage at comedy show
Loyiso Gola standing alone on stage at comedy show/Instagram Screenshot/@loyisogola

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As time draws closer for Carol Ofori's debut comedy performance, we can feel the excitement in the air. 

But the journalist in her is focused on being prepared for anything. Therefore, she decided that she would seek out advice from the very person who once told her to go into comedy. 

Mr Loyiso Gola. The two-time Emmy nominated genius once told her years ago that she should pursue something in comedy and here we all are today about to witness it come true. 

As she sparked the conversation with this seasoned performer and entertainer, she asked him if he remembered telling her that years ago.

He in fact did remember, but he said that was 'Encouraging Loyiso', if they had met six months ago, he would not have been so encouraging.

Gola revealed that stand-up comedy was a lonely place, but if you want to pursue it, you should because "anything that is worthy your time is going to be tough". 

Take a listen to what he had to say to her in addition to the above. 

His pearls of wisdom were invaluable, to say the least; honesty is something that we rarely get these days and his ability to stick it out no matter what is admirable. 

It showed us that Carol is definitely heading for gold. 

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