Does this 'Nude Cruise' in USA sound appealing?

Does this 'Nude Cruise' in USA sound appealing?

Where would you keep your room key?

A cruise ship sailing the seas
A cruise ship sailing the seas/Facebook/@RapHouseTVV

We've heard about nudist beaches and their popularity, but it's the first time we are hearing about a nude cruise. 

In South Africa, we are familiar with comedy cruises and Bhangra cruises, not necessarily nude cruises. 

The concept may seem arbitrary to say the least, but many people enjoy moving around their day-to-day lives without the limitations of clothing. 

Watch the video from 'CBS Morning Table Talk' where one of the hosts shares his love for this idea. 

When asked why he loves this idea, his response was simple: "It takes one of the common complaints on cruises and removes it as a problem." (Instagram)

He openly admitted that he loved this idea but wondered where people would put their belongings...

Watch how the conversation panned out, courtesy of Instagram.

"Miami will soon host clothing-optional cruisers, organized by Bare Necessities Tour & Travel in partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line for their 2025 nude cruise. Departing from Port Miami on February 3, 2025, this partnership marks the company's first cruise from Miami, offering an 11-day sailing to destinations like Great Stirrup Cay, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico." (Facebook)

Of course, something like this would not work without some structure and rules in place. 

Therefore, "the organisers Bare Necessities emphasize that their cruises cater to those who prefer not to wear clothes, following the principles of the American Association of Nude Recreation. Some rules for nudity are outlined, such as remaining clothed until the ship sails and adhering to dress codes in certain areas. Interested cruisers can book directly with Bare Necessities by August of this year.” (Facebook)

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