R 900 000 in tips to be shared with those affected by lockdown level 4 work restrictions

R300 000 in tips to be shared with those affected by lockdown work restrictions

East Coast Radio is currently celebrating ten years since Darren Maule join the station as the host to the breakfast show, showcase the station’s appreciation to the audience who tuned in over the years, ECR will be celebrating in a meaningful way that puts the listener first and helps those in need.

Darren's Tip Jar with Lottoland
East Coast Radio

Over the next two weeks East Coast Radio and Darren Maule will be giving you more reasons to tune in; from special podcasts to a live “Roast of Darren Maule” event and our National “Darren’s Tip Jar” campaign.

Many South Africans are unable to earn an income due to the pandemic, with those in the hospitality and entertainment industries hardest hit due to level 4 lockdown imposed.

East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM, and Smile FM have teamed up with LottoLand to lend a helping hand to those who cannot earn an income during lockdown. Each station will fill their “Tip Jar” with a share of R300 000, resulting in a collective R900 000 in aid for the people who keep these industries afloat.

The financial assistance will help staff who work in industries such as hospitality, entertainment, performing arts, eventing, and the local cleaning industry – those industries hardest hit by alcohol banns and public gathering prohibitions.

Everyone is encouraged to nominate someone in need of financial help by sharing the person’s plight on the stations’ websites.

Nominations are officially open if you want to make a difference, today.


Let’s be in their service and give them the helping hand they deserve.

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