Tony Forbes on AKA’s killing: ‘I do feel anger'

Tony Forbes on AKA’s killing: ‘I do feel anger'

The father of slain rapper Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes says he still battles with episodes of anger following his son's murder.

AKA Nadia and Tony Forbes
AKA, Nadia, and Tony Forbes /Instagram

"I would see an image of him with (AKA’s daughter) Cairo, just an image of him, and I would, you know, go through, who gave them the right to do this, who does something like this. In that moment, I do feel some anger,” says Tony Forbes. 


Forbes and his friend Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane were gunned down on Durban's Florida Road in February this year. 


Last month, the KZN police commissioner said that they'd identified their killers. 


Speaking on East Coast Radio's The Carol Ofori Podcast, Tony Forbes recalled the heartbreaking moment the family learnt about his son's murder. 


"There is no easy way to do it, he said ‘I have bad news Kiernan has been shot'. And you know there's that little pause where you wanna know, is he okay? He just said it was fatal."


Forbes says he isn't ready to forgive.


"I'm not there yet. I can only forgive someone if I know who did it. I cannot forgive a faceless person. I think it is a journey for me. I mean, it's a cliché to say that, but it definitely is a process."

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