Fishing forum oppose Durban port restrictions

Fishing forum oppose Durban port restrictions

The KwaZulu-Natal Fishing Forum says they will continue to fish wherever they wish until a court orders them otherwise.


The Forum is also planning mass protest action in opposition to fishing restrictions imposed by Transnet National Ports Authority. 

The authority banned fishing on certain sections of the Port of Durban, for tourism and environmental protection.

The Fishing Forum's spokesperson Desmond D'sa says the restrictions pose a threat to fishermen's rights to food and freedom which they've done for years. 

D'sa says they have a legitimate permit to fish.

"They want to take the north pier away and provide it as a tourism destination. How is it that international tourists coming to South Africa are much more privileged than ordinary South African people who depend on fishing for their livelihood, to feed their families," he said. 

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