600k arrests made since start of Operation Shanela – SAPS

600k arrests made since start of Operation Shanela – SAPS

The South Africa Police Service says over 616,000 suspects have been nabbed since the inception of Operation Shanela.

Operation Shanela

"We've had arrest under your Contravention of Firearms Act, which is 3,418. We've had possession of firearms, and we've also had failure to prescribe records. We've also had arrests under your dealing in liquor, a total of 19,192. We've also had possessions of counterfeit goods. We had a total of 5,041 of those arrests, just to mention those,” Major General Mashadi Selepe told a media briefing in Pretoria on Monday. 


The initiative was launched in May last year in an effort to deal with crime in high-density areas.

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Since then, over 71,000 operations have been conducted.


These include stop and searches, roadblocks, tracing wanted suspects and compliance checks for liquor outlets and second-hand goods dealers.


Selepe said over about 17,000 people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


"Theft of motor vehicles, we had 2,323. We also had arrests for human trafficking, a total of 183. Other crimes included there we had a total of 87 728."  

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