Nadia Nakai reunited with her father after 30 years

Nadia Nakai reunited with her father after 30 years

The 'Naaa Meaan' rapper last saw her father when she was a toddler. 

Nadia Nakai
Nadia Nakai / Instagram (@nadianakai)

Nadia Nakai is opening up about the "wholesome" meeting she had with her biological father after three decades. 

The 33-year-old revealed in a recent interview on the 'Choppin It With Buddha T' podcast that he reached out to her following AKA's murder. The rapper was shot and killed on Durban's Florida Road in February. 

"He sent me a message once he saw in the media what was going on," she said. 

Nadia told host Zingah that despite not seeing her father for 30 years, they ended up having a good meeting. 

"It was wholesome. It was nice, I didn’t have anger or anything because I feel like I lived a good life with my mom. She raised me well, you know, so I didn't feel like I was losing anything," she said. 

The 'Money Calling' hitmaker said her father was dressed smartly in a suit and tie for their meeting at a Spur in Boksburg.

"I think I just wanted to meet him because a lot was going on in my life. Things were just hectic, I just felt like I needed to find myself.”

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Nadia's father is South African but is currently based in Canada. He often visits SA but they had not met up before. 

Her mother is from Zimbabwe. Nadia, who was born and raised in SA, used her father's surname Dlamini until she was 16. She then changed it to her mother's maiden name. 

"We relocated to Kenya, and even though my mom had full custody of me, they have a law that you can't just leave with the child without the child's father saying it is okay, and because me and my mom had different surnames it made it difficult for us to relocate. So, she changed my surname to her surname to prove further that I am hers, the father is not involved here," Nadia said. 

The rapper revealed that she has half-siblings who live in Cape Town that she speaks to on the phone.

Despite not being very close with her father, Nadia has a close-knit group of friends and loved ones in South Africa that consider her family.

AKA's parents Lynn and Tony Forbes have made it clear that Nadia will always be part of their family. Nadia also has a close relationship with AKA's daughter Kairo Forbes.

Kairo's mother, DJ Zinhle, has also made sure that Nadia does not feel alone during her time of healing. 

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Watch Nadia's full interview below:

Main image credit: Instagram/@nadianakai

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