Four films not to miss at DIFF 2013

Four films not to miss at DIFF 2013

The Durban International Film Festival gets underway on Thursday. We spoke to festival manager Peter Machen to get his top pick for DIFF 2013.

With over 250 screenings in 10 days, the programme for the Durban International Film Festival can appear a bit overwhelming. 
We asked festival manager Peter Machen to make things easier by telling us what films should not be missed this year.  
Here is his pick:
1. I am very excited about our opening film, Of Good Report: It’s a black and white film about a serial killer. It’s not exactly a feel-good movie, but at the same time I think viewers will leave the film very excited about the possibilities for cinema that the film explores. Of Good Report shows on 18 July at 7pm at Suncoast Supernova (opening night), on 21 July at 2.15pm at Suncoast, on 24 July at 8:15pm at Suncoast and on 27 July at 6pm at Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, KwaMashu. 
2. Andrew Worsdale’s Durban Poison, which is a long-awaited road movie about the South African Bonnie and Clyde. Inspired by a true story, Durban Poison shows on July 21 at 7.30pm at Musgrave. 
3. There is a really small American film called Francine, which is essentially about a cat lady, but it doesn’t deal in stereotypes or clichés; it really brings this shy and slightly broken person into a full and very beautiful reality. Francine shows on 22 and 25 July at 8pm at Suncoast and on 28 July at 7pm at Suncoast. 

4. I am really excited about Khumba, the new film from Triggerfish. Their last film Adventures in Zambezia won Best South African Film at the Festival last year and has gone on to do very well around the world. As far as I know Adventures in Zambezia was South Africa’s second biggest selling box office hit outside of local territories. Khumba tells the story of a half-striped zebra who is rejected from his herd. It shows on 24 July at Suncoast Supernova at 10am, and on 27 and 28 July at 2.30pm at Musgrave.

Finally, why should we make every effort to see not only this selection, but also to explore more of what is on offer?
“For their own pleasure, is the key answer,” says Machen. “It’s not often that such a huge spread and diversity of film is available for general viewing on the big screen and we’ve really got a fantastic selection of films from around the world, and from South Africa. I think new visitors who haven’t been to a film festival before; hopefully what they are in for is an expanding of the way they view cinema.”  
- Hannah Keal

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