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Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: Before you sign that gym contract

Whether you're buying a new car, signing up for a gym membership, or doing your weekly grocery shopping, there are a few simple things you can do to save money.  Find out more in the latest Consumer Hacks from Wendy Knowler.

Consumer Hacks - gym contracts

1. Buying a new car? Check on the warranty start date 

Sometimes new cars are registered without being sold - for example, when a customer cancels a deal at the last minute - which means the car’s warranty is activated, but the car is not driven off the showroom floor. It’s called a pre-report.
You could then buy that “brand new” car, not think to check the warranty details and finds out years later that the warranty on that car ends a few months earlier than it should have. So always check that date!

2. Before you sign that gym contract…

Fitness club salespeople will tell you that it’s cheaper per month if you sign their 36-month contract. It is, but if you want out of that contract within a few months - as many do - you will be stuck paying for the full three years, and get nothing in return.
Or you’ll be made to pay a massive cancellation penalty, based on a percentage of the remaining months of the contract. 
So rather go for a 12-month contract, or find a gym that does month-to-month contracts.

3. No spare car key? Walk away

I hear from so many people who’ve bought a used car, and been promised they’ll get the spare key “later", and they never do. Yes, even major dealerships have been guilty of this.
Don’t fall for that line. With the evolution of key technology, those spare keys can cost many thousands. So tell the salesperson the deal is off unless they give you two sets of keys to the car.

4. Unit prices - why you need them & where to find them

How can you tell which of the competing supermarket brands are cheapest, when their pack sizes aren’t all the same, or know whether the bulk pack of cereal really is the best value?
In Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay stores, you don’t need a calculator - just look for the unit price on the shelf tag. PnP’s new tags dropped those consumer helpers a few months ago, but now the unit prices are back, albeit in a different spot. Look hard and you’ll find them in the bottom right-hand corner of the shelf tags.

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