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Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: Bank fraud alerts & warranty surprises

Rogue tow truck operators, sneaky VAT tactics, warranty surprises, debt review scams, and bank fraud alerts – Stay consumer savvy with these five new Consumer Hacks from Wendy Knowler!

Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler
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1. Pull the other one - the rogue tow truck operators’ big lie

If your car is insured and you’re involved in an accident which requires it to be towed, do not let a tow truck operator who roars on the scene deal with the insurance authorisation issue. Rogue operators “kindly” offer to call “your insurer”,for you, but they make a pretend call and then claim that their company is authorised to tow your car. If they take your car, it will cost you a whack to get it back - and your insurer won’t pay.  Rather save your insurer’s number on your phone and make that call yourself.

2. Don’t get caught by added VAT

Something to watch out for, especially when shopping online or asking a supplier for a quote:  The VAT Act states that prices quoted or advertised by a vendor must include VAT, unless clearly specified that it excludes VAT – a legality which many online traders conveniently ignore in order to make their advertised prices seem more appealing.

3. The diminishing warranty

Why aren’t I getting a full warranty on my replacement iron?” Fahmeeda wanted to know. “I bought an… iron ….last May which had a 24-month warranty. It stopped working this year. I’m told the replacement iron comes not with a full warranty but the remainder of the 24 month warranty of the original iron. Is this correct? Yes, it’s standard practice for a product replaced under warranty to inherit the remaining warranty of the original product. The money you spent on that original iron included to right to full use of it for at least 24 months. And that’s what she’s getting. No more.

4. Just say no

If someone calls you and starts telling you how they are going to reduce your monthly repayments, please end the call. Just do it. A despicable abuse of the debt review process is happening on a very wide scale - with that line, people are being tricked into going under debt review, despite the fact that they are not over-indebted - which is a key requirement to qualify for this legal means of getting out of debt.  And then they face a massive, expensive battle to get out of debt review. Just say no!

5. Two ways to keep your bank account safe from fraudsters

1. If you get a call from someone saying they are from your bank or cellphone service provider, claiming there’s been a fraudulent attempt on your account and they need your help to prevent it, end the call - THEY are the fraudsters, trying to trick into giving them the means to get into your bank account.

2. If your phone is stolen from you, your first call must be to your bank, not your cellphone provider, to stop the thief from accessing your funds via the banking app on your phone.

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