Heatwave shrinking your designer sandals? | Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler

Heatwave shrinking your designer sandals?

From protecting your expensive sandals to debt-busting advice, Wendy Knowler has five new Consumer Hacks for you.

Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler
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1. A global warming warning - for your flip-flops!

We are subjected to extreme heat in South Africa in summer, and while we can cope, sort of, certain pricey flip-flops and slides cannot - they can shrink.
I’ve taken up quite a few cases - mostly Crocs but most recently a pair of Versace slides - which shrank after heat exposure.
When a Jo'burg woman paid R1850 for her pink Versace slides she wasn’t warned about exposing them to extreme sunlight for extended periods. But when they shrank two sizes she was refused a refund - that is until I got involved. 
So keep that designer poolside footwear cool - literally!

2. Do you know what percentage of your take-home home goes towards your debts?

Sad fact: while our incomes have mostly stagnated in the past seven years, the cost of living has gone through the roof.
According to DebtBusters’, debt review applicants at the end of last year were spending 62% of their take-home pay, on average, to service their debts. And those taking home more than R35 000pm were spending a staggering 71% of it on repaying debts.
So how much of our income should we be paying towards our debts every month to avoid financial drama? Absolutely no more than 40%, preferably under 30% says Debtbusters executive head Benay Sager.

3. Hot listener tip

When you buy an iron, particularly a relatively inexpensive one, make sure to keep your receipt and the box the iron came in, in a safe place.
For the past two years, a listener’s iron has stopped working each January, and in the latest case, she was easily able to get a replacement because she'd kept the box and the receipt.
But remember: if you have a product replaced under warranty, technically the replacement product inherits the remainder of the warranty period of the original item.
And if an appliance breaks within six months of purchase or delivery, you have the benefit of the Consumer Protection Act’s six-month warranty, giving you the right to insist on a refund rather than a replacement or repair. And you don’t need to have the box.

4. Do this and your insurance claim on your car will be rejected

Car insurers base your premium on the statistical risk of the person who mostly drives it. So if a parent names themselves as the regular driver, but their son or daughter is actually the regular driver of the car, if the car crashes or is stolen, and the insurer finds out who was actually the regular driver, the claim will be rejected.
That’s because they based their risk appetite and the premium on the wrong person.

5. About paying contractors upfront deposits…

Leslie asked: “Please can you guide me on paying a deposit to contractors to purchase material for the job. I'm a bit concerned that once the deposit is paid the contractor will disappear or give me endless challenges.
Tell the contractor that you will pay the supplier of materials directly. If they refuse, your suspicions were confirmed.
If they give you a store name and bank account number call the store and check their bank account details before you make payment.

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Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler
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