Listen: Dolly Parton has a new brand single out

Dolly Parton has a new rock n roll single out

Dolly Parton has released her single, 'World on Fire', which talks about taking better care of the world we live in. 

Dolly Parton world on fire YouTube screenshot
Dolly Parton world on fire YouTube screenshot

Dolly Parton has released her first-ever rock n roll single. 

'World on Fire' came out on Thursday, 11 May. 

The singer announced that it is the first single from her upcoming album, 'Rockstar'.

"Hello world! My new single, “World On Fire” off my upcoming album, ‘Rockstar’ is out now," she wrote on Instagram. 

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the music legend said she was nervous about the new single. 

"I'm excited. A little bit nervous, but in a good way. Well it's like I'm introducing my rock album tonight," she told ET. 

She added that the song has a message everyone needs to hear. 

"It's a good message. I think everybody in the world sorts of need to hear this. So I'm excited about it," she told ET. 

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The song speaks about taking better care of the world. "What you gonna do when it all burns down? Fire, fire, burnin’ higher. Still got time to turn it all around…” she sings. 

"This is a song I felt very inspired to write," Dolly said in a statement released earlier this week.

"I think it speaks about everything and to everyone this day and time. I hope it is something that will touch you and maybe touch enough people to want to make a change for the better," said the singer who was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

In another interview with Rachel Ray on WBNX-TV 55 in January, Parton revealed that she worked with several big stars on the upcoming album. 

"I thought if I'm ever going to do a rock & roll album which I often dreamed someday I might, that the time is now," she said.  

"So, I reached out to a lot of the friends who were on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with me when we were there those few days rehearsing." 

The new album will feature the likes of Miley Cyrus, P!nk, and Elton John. 

It comes out in November. 

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